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Cabrella software can address the needs of any company whether you are a business with shipping & insurance needs or a one that has the logistics covered but requires custom & specialized insurance options for your valuable contents. Our software gives you the ability to ship, insure, track, manage risk, file claims, build customized reports and more - all through a user friendly platform.

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Ship & Insure

Integrate & Insure

Insurance programs

Specialty high
value commodities

Advanced package
tracking & alerts


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API Integration

Our API integration allows e-commerce shipping insurance to seamlessly link with your external system. Not only can you insure your shipments with any carrier, but you also gain access to many other benefits.

Risk Intelligence and Proactive Tracking

Access valuable risk intelligence based on losses by particular buyers, carriers & services as well as city, state and country. All packages are tracked throughout transit regularly, alerting users of tracking exceptions real time - allowing you to get ahead of potential issues before matters escalate.

Rate & Log Transactions

Users can send transaction information to Cabrella via API for rating and transaction issuance. All transactions including associated details are listed in your account for review and management.

File Insurance Claims

Since all transaction details are listed in our database, any claims filed via API or otherwise will automatically include all relevant details for easy & fast filing. Users and partners can also use our API to obtain up to date claim status responses.

Access Invoices & Credits

Automatically updates billing invoices and allows clients to pay online. Easily access credits to your account and apply them to shipments.

We Integrate with a Wide Range of Partners

Cabrella's shipping API was created with transportation management systems in mind. See just how we can add value to your business by consulting our business solutions page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure about how we can help? Look below for some commonly asked questions to our representatives. Contact us if you have any questions not answered here!

What is parcel insurance?

Parcel insurance is another name for shipping insurance. Parcel or shipping insurance covers the declared value of the package(s) you ship through carriers. You can insure with your carrier, but it is often expensive when compared with a third party shipping insurance provider like Cabrella. If your package becomes lost or stolen, the parcel/shipping insurance will ensure the package is covered for the declared value.

Is Cabrella Limited to small parcel or can I also insure shipments via LTL, Ocean and Air?

As an account holder, you will also have access to other modes of conveyance including LTL, FL, Ocean, Air Cargo and even Rail shipments. Just let us know and we can add these services and capabilities to your account. Freight shipments must be individually logged and declared on the day of the shipment.

Is there a minimum purchase requirement to insure with Cabrella?

There are no monthly minimums or set-up charges. We create a custom insurance program based on each shipper’s specific needs.

Are there any package requirements?

Packages are required to meet each carrier’s standards. Every carrier has information on best practices when shipping your packages through them. Certain items, precious materials such as diamonds, gold, jewelry could require double boxing to insure safe shipping. We offer tamper-evident, rigid, sealed shipping boxes designed specifically for very high-value goods.

How do I insure my packages with Cabrella?

We offer 3 options for reporting insured shipments. You can manually insure, upload a listing of your insured packages at the end of the day, or fully automate the insurance process. A detailed description can be found on our website here . We can integrate with your specific shipping application.

How do I stop insuring with the carrier and start insuring through a third party shipping insurance company?

When you ship a package with a carrier, do not record “declared or insured value”' for the package. The carriers do not need to know that you are using a shipping insurance alternative. To them it is a transparent process.

How do I file a claim?

Cabrella clients can file a claim online by logging into a personal dashboard and clicking on “File a Claim.” Follow the simple instructions and submit the claim. You will receive a claim number instantly and the ability to upload any required documents. A claims representative will contact you within 24 hours to answer any questions and make certain the claims process goes smoothly. You have a single point of contact who can update you on the status of your claim at any time.

What happens to an item that is damaged?

Damaged items are referred to as salvage. If the item is repairable, you have the option of keeping the item and submitting a claim for the repair costs. The alternative is receiving claim funds for the full amount and sending the damaged item back to underwriters.

What countries can I insure to?

You can insure a package to almost any country on earth with the exception of those listed on the U.S. Department of State as “do not travel.” Request the countries you would like to insure to when completing your application and we will include them in your insurance program. These countries tend to change so it’s always good to check what countries are on the list. It can be found here .

What is actually covered under parcel insurance?

Cabrella insurance covers the invoice value of the item plus the postage costs against loss, damage, or shortage that occurs while in transit.

Must the receiving party sign for the package?

Sometimes, but not always. It depends on what you are shipping and the value. Because signature confirmation can increase shipping costs for you and your customer, it is not always included unless necessary for the goods shipped, or it is something you would like to do for security purposes.

Can I use this product in conjuction with my office policy such as jewelers block or an art gallery policy?

Yes, many of our clients have some coverage afforded under some type of office policy; however, most of these policies have limitations. Examples and Cabrella Solutions include:

• Policy allows only one package insured to one address in any one day
✓ Insure the 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc. package with Cabrella to avoid having to ship on separatedays

• Only Overnight Services allowed?
✓ Ship other services like 2nd Day, 3rd Day & Ground with the carrier and insure withCabrella. Many times, the freight savings will outweigh the additional costs associated with insurance.

• Only USPS Allowed?
✓ Use USPS when you can but use Cabrella if a client prefers FedEx or UPS or perhapsanother USPS service that is not included on your policy

• Only domestic and no international included
✓ Insure the International exposures with Cabrella

• Generally low limits – up to $25,000 per package
✓ Insure the excess with us. For example, you are a diamond dealer and want to insurea $35,000 stone but the limit on your policy is only $25,000 – insure the excess $10,000 with Cabrella without having to call your broker and wait for approval.

Who is your underwriter?

We are backed by AXA Property and Casualty, AXA Corporate Solutions, JLT Risk and Insurance Group. You can learn more about each company including Standard and Poor’s rating by visiting the “financial backing” section of our website here .

Who are the approved carriers for Cabrella Shipping Insurance?

Shipping insurance is provided for specific types of shipments made through Fed Ex, United Parcel Service, DHL, or the United States Postal Service. If you have a local or regional carrier you would like to use, let us know who and we will add them to your shipping insurance program.

We use manifest software or go online to process our shipping labels. Can we still use Cabrella?

Yes, we integrate with most shipping systems. Just tell us the system you're using and we'll tell you how to use our insurance program with it.

We do not have a direct carrier account and use a third party shipping provider or consolidator. Can I still use Cabrella for insurance?

We do approve some third party shipping carriers but do so on a case by case basis. Please inquire for approval.

We use the free shipping software provided by UPS and FedEx. Can I still use Cabrella Insurance?

Yes. We are compatible with the carrier provided systems.

How do we pay Cabrella? Do you send us a bill?

Simply click on the “invoice” tab on your personal dashboard. You can use a credit card or choose EFT/ACH payments. You can also send a check but let us know in advance so we will be looking out for it.

How do I receive payment for my claims?

First submit your claim to the carrier. When you receive the carrier's payment, complete our brief online claim form and Cabrella will pay the balance. We'll pay your claim of $1,000.00 or less within 14 days, $1,000 - $20,000 within 30 days, and over $25,000.00 within 45 days. To speed the process making sure documentation is complete and timely always helps.

Are there any types of claim thats are not covered?

Almost all losses are covered but some situations can be denied. At times, depending on circumstances, a senior adjuster will get involved to review the situation and investigate further. Some examples include:

• Mysterious Disappearance – Package arrives to your customer intact with no evidence of damage or tampering to the package but the customer claims that there was nothing inside.

•Inadequate and unprofessionally packaged merchandise or instances where items inside the package are damaged but there is no damage to the outer layers of the shipping container itself.
•Confiscation, nationalization, requisition or destruction of or damage to property by or under the order of any government or public authority

•Disputes between the shipper and receiver in terms of authenticity of the item being shipped.These are a few examples of cases that require further review.

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