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About Us

Multi-Carrier Shipping Software

Our Mission

Our core values of professionalism, customer partnership, and innovation are formulated to ensure the highest client value in our industry. We view each client as a vital partner and aim to establish long-term relationships by measuring our success in providing excellent parcel insurance and client satisfaction. We take pride in our near perfect customer retention.

Our Shipping Insurance Software

We know your life is busy, so we make sure you can accurately track your packages anytime and anywhere with our innovative shipping software. Our user-friendly private dashboard gives you instant access to all things shipping related, from filing paperless claims to real-time international package tracking.

Multi Carrier Shipping Insurance Software

Ship to More Places

Customized Insurance Plans

We Cover Where Others Won't

Our Custom Insurance Plans

Cabrella is a third party shipping insurance software company that provides an alternative to insuring packages through UPS, United States Postal Service, Fed Ex, DHL, regional & local couriers.

Third party shipping insurance companies typically always provide better rates than carriers, but because we are a brokerage company, we can also:

Customize parcel insurance plans to complement your shipping process.

Ship domestically and internationally with equal protection.

Ship to almost any country, even the difficult to insure to.

See How Much You Can Save

Transit carriers ship a package from (a) to (b). Cabrella manages risk for everything in between. Ship with the shipping experts; leave the protection to the insurance professionals.