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Let Cabrella Work For You

Increase your commission revenue by partnering with Cabrella. We work with agents and brokers to provide more value to your clients. By offering Cabrella to your clients that you’re selling other lines of insurance to, you can earn a return on a per-shipment basis. Include Cabrella Shipping Insurance on your next proposal and benefit from a commission on every package your customer ships. For example, a client that ships 25 packages per day with an average value of $2,500 per package can earn you an annual commission of over $4,000 as long as that client ships. Further, Cabrella does all the work including service, renewals, claims, and everything in between.

Give Your Clients Access to All of Cabrella’s Benefits

Your e-commerce clients will love the services Cabrella’s shipping insurance software provides them.

Higher Coverage Limits

Cabrella offers coverage for high-ticket and fragile items up to $150,000. If your clients are shipping items like furniture, jewelry, medical devices, electronics, instruments, coins, and other high-value products, then Cabrella is the perfect solution for them. Your customers may be overpaying on an ocean cargo policy with high deductibles or even worse, insuring with the carrier for up to 10x the cost of what Cabrella can offer.

Up to 90% Cheaper Insurance

Purchasing insurance from the carrier can be exorbitant and only covers what damage the carrier is directly liable for. Therefore, many scenarios are excluded and won’t be covered. With Cabrella, your client can purchase insurance for multiple carriers that include scenarios such as natural disasters, areas with threats of war, and other times when the carrier is not directly involved in the damage or loss. Further, the client will deal with an insurance company instead of a carrier when they have a claim.

Business Intelligence Software

With Cabrella, your clients will have access to our user-friendly software that integrates with multiple carriers so they can manage all their shipments and insure them directly from the dashboard. The software is mobile friendly so they can manage packages on-the-go. Additionally, Cabrella offers Business Intelligence to actively lower risks. This includes real-time notifications, package tracking, alerts to any dangers, data-backed recommendations as to which carrier is most reliable in which locations, and more!

Fast, Paperless Claims

With Cabrella’s software, your clients will be able to easily file paperless claims sans all the tedious documentation and paperwork. We work with claims handling professionals to make sure your clients receive their settlement funds as fast as possible. Cabrella has a turnaround of 30 days and often less, whereas carriers like FedEx take anywhere from 60-90 days without any guarantee of a return.

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