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Claims Management

Carrier Agnostic & Fully Paperless Claims Management System with advanced statistics, claim & time tracking & document organization making it easier to keep track of and file claims with carriers directly.

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Claims Management Software

For any parcel shipper, keeping track of & filing claims with multiple carriers can be a burdensome process. Each carrier has different systems, requirements and processes. Let Cabrella help you keep track of and organize this process.

For businesses with lower average values per parcel, having separate 3rd party insurance may not make the most sense economically due to the fact that major carriers will often include up to $100.00 USD of coverage at no additional charge.

That said, the task of organizing paperwork, filing claims and following the progress, especially across multiple carriers, can be taxing to say the least.

Pricing depends on usage. Please inquire for more information.

I have nothing but praise for Cabrella, Ben, and his team. They are not only consummate professionals and responsive but they offer products that are easy to use and extremely well priced - at some points half of what I was paying in the past. They are great partners to my business!

Michael M.

Excellent service and open communication all the time. They answer my emails very quickly, and their platform is easy to use. I can recommend Cabrella and their excellent customer service.

Queen Emerald

Our company ships high-value, glass chandeliers and we use Cabrella to insure every shipment. The online interface is very intuitive and the staff is super quick to respond if there are any issues. Benjamin is always very helpful and spent a great deal of time going over the policy to make sure we knew exactly what was covered. This is not one of those insurance companies that is trying to catch you out and deny your claim, they genuinely want to help you make sure your shipments are covered, making it one less thing you have to deal with while running your business.

John M.

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