Clothing and Accessories

Shipping Insurance for Clothing and Accessories

Clothing & Accessories

Customizable Insurance for Shipping Clothing and Accessories

Whether you are shipping expensive, rare, or vintage clothing and accessories in low quantities, or fast fashion items in bulk, we’ve got you covered. Our insurance packages fit your eCommerce or Wholesale fashion business needs, no matter how big or small.


Shipping Clothing and Accessories Internationally

Cabrella provides shipping insurance for consumer goods to over 180 countries so you no longer have to worry about the safety of your shipments when traveling across borders. Our clothing and accessory shipping insurance covers you on all fronts, such as extreme weather conditions, theft, loss, or damage. Plus, Cabrella’s rates are up to 90% lower than other shipping insurance providers so you can continue to expand globally while keeping costs low.


Clothing & Accessories

International Coverage to 182 Countries

Custom Shipping Insurance Packages

Real-Time Updates on Your Shipments

Adaptable Software That Keeps Your Shipments Safe

Shipping clothing and accessories can get complicated, especially when customers need to return and exchange items. Not only does Cabrella offer shipping insurance, but our business intelligence works with nearly any carrier, simplifying processes and notifying you of problems and necessary changes. Our software is able to give you real-time updates on all of your shipments, so you can stay in the know and promptly solve customer issues.

Gain access to data and analytics so you can manage and improve shipping operations

Get real-time alerts for specific areas where the risk of loss is increased

Our software enables paperless claim filling for a simple, fast, and secure process

Cabrella Can Save You up to 90% in Clothing and Accessory Insurance Rates

Discover how our customizable insurance can solve your shipping needs.