Cabrella offers customized solutions tailored to your specific needs. We are not a “one size fits all" insurance company.

For example: Is signature confirmation not required for some packages? Would higher limits help create a new business model? Do you need to insure to certain ZIP® Codes and have been told "no" by the carrier?


We can create custom international shipping insurance solutions for any shipper.

Comprehensive Wording

Our insurance policy wording is amongst the most expansive in the industry.

Choice of Carrier

Ship with our pre-approved major shippers including Fed Ex™, UPS™, USPS®, DHL™, Major Air Cargo Airlines, local LTL carriers and more. If your carrier is not on the list, you can submit it for approval.

Elevated Coverage Limits

Higher limits available including coverage for up to $150,000 per package.

Service Levels

Coverage for most levels of delivery service including Overnight, 2nd Day, 3rd Day, Ground, and 1st Class Mail®

Few International Restrictions

Insure packages to nearly any country. Expand your trading universe by selling and shipping to customers in countries you never had insured access to before. Protect your organization and your international customer.

Any Commodity

Whether it be jewelry, gold, coin collections, sports memorabilia, musical instruments, industrial/automotive parts, high tech components, electronics, medical/pharmaceutical - essentially anything of value, you are protected.

What could we do to help you do more business and ship safely? Give us a call and we’ll work on it together.