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eCommerce Shipping Solutions

ecommerce shipping solutions

Customizable Coverage for Any Industry

Your shipments are important to us. Valuables are risky to ship and other companies may not insure certain items that Cabrella does. That’s why Cabrella provides shipping insurance no matter what industry, whether you’re shipping art, electronics, clothing, firearms, stamps, & more!

Cabrella offers customized eCommerce shipping solutions tailored to your specific needs. We are not a “one size fits all" insurance company. For example: Is signature confirmation not required for some packages? Would higher limits help create a new business model? Do you need to insure to certain ZIP® Codes and have been told "no" by the carrier?


Intelligent Software

With Cabrella's shipping insurance software you can review notifications of carrier exceptions, consistently monitor risk assessments across regions, and easily file claims in minutes. But the most innovative feature is the wealth of useful statistics and data to provide the knowledge you can use to manage and improve shipping operations.

Cabrella Shipping Risk Management provides intelligence and alerts for specific geographic areas and ZIP® Codes where the risk of loss is elevated. It also uses previous loss history to make informed decisions on where and how to ship goods into high risk areas. 


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Keep Your Shipments Safe in our Lock Box

Cabrella provides added protection and security for items of high value. Help prevent pilferage by placing your valuables inside one of our specially designed lock boxes.

Customizable Insurance Software

Software Alerts to Mitigate Risks

Up to 90% Savings in Insurance Costs

Insurance Rate Savings Comparison

Compare USPS® Insurance and Cabrella Shipping Insurance:

A USPS shipper shipping 200 packages a month can save over $18,000 a year on insurance through discounted shipping insurance with Cabrella.


This tool is for comparison purposes only. Your rates could be higher or lower depending on volume, loss history, and contents- but always a better deal than FedEx, UPS, and the Postal Service. Up to 90% in some cases! 

e-commerce shipping solutions

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