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Insure Your Freight Shipments With An Automated Platform

Large shipments are susceptible to risk, which is why Cabrella makes it their mission to keep your shipments safe. We also know that shipping insurance is not one-size-fits-all, so we tailor your freight insurance to complement your logistic needs. Whether you’re shipping furniture, beverages, or produce, Cabrella can cover your goods.

Purchase cargo insurance per shipment directly from Cabrella instead of your carrier and you will:

  • Have more comprehensive coverage
  • Have automated and professional claims handling and adjustment
  • Get discounted prices
  • Have a pay-as-you-go plan per shipment
  • Have  an easy to use platform
  • No longer worry about carrier liability
  • And more!

Discover Our Freight Shipping Software

Cabrella offers a revolutionary cargo shipping software that allows seamless integration with most transportation management software systems. You can track, insure, and file paperless claims for packages all on a user-friendly dashboard.

We use business intelligence to actively lower your shipping risks by:

  • Sending you instant alerts of any elevated risk in certain regions
  • Showing which carriers are most dependable for which regions
  • Analyzes previous loss history
Freight Shipping Software

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Premium Coverage at Discounted Prices

As an insurance broker, Cabrella is able to offer the very best in insurance coverage at a fraction of the price of UPS freight, FedEx freight, and other freight, ocean, or air cargo carriers.

Cabrella offers coverage for the full shipment amount so you don’t have to worry about carrier liability, trying to collect, and being underinsured. Let us take care of any carrier liability issues and address situations where you are partially or severely underinsured.

Our benefits don’t end at a price reduction, Cabrella freight shipping insurance also includes:

Higher limits

Comprehensive coverage for high risk and fragile items

Low deductibles

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Carriers ship a package from (a) to (b). Cabrella manages risk for everything in between. Ship with the shipping experts; leave the protection to us.