Cabrella International Shipping Insurance welcomes inquiries and would be happy to identify synergies that could create mutually beneficial business opportunities. Here are just a few benefits of a strategic partnership with Cabrella Shipping Insurance Intelligence.

cabrella shipping partnerships

Add Value:

Integrating comprehensive shipping insurance into your software solution or simply offering shipping insurance as a complement adds value to your existing product.

Increase Marketing Universe:

Adding shipping insurance as an offering opens entirely new avenues for marketing your product or service. Find new customers in new market segments.

Improve Geographic Reach:

With Cabrella’s extensive international insurance coverage, you can now market to completely new geographic markets in a variety of ways.

Competitive Advantage:

Adding Cabrella Shipping insurance to your product or product assortment or replacing your current, high-priced - lower insurance provider is a significant advantage in the marketplace.

Improve Assortment:

Adding a high-value, high-service, low cost shipping insurance solution to your product line, is another "arrow in your quiver" to present to current customers and prospects.

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