Shipping high-value products overseas or across borders is a risky proposition if you do not have or know about international shipping insurance. Shipping with inadequate or no insurance is rolling the dice, given the chance of theft, damage, loss, misdirected packages as well as natural and man-made disasters. Service guarantees and customer satisfaction are diminished when customers receive uninsured packages damaged or perhaps never at all.

International packages need protection, and we have a solution:

Protect your customer and your organization with comprehensive and affordable shipping insurance. Cabrella International Parcel Shipping Insurance tracks your shipments, covers any losses, and provides you peace of mind.

international package shipping

We insure to countries where the common carriers will not. Not just Canada or the European Union, but the hard to insure-to countries as well, with your choice of carrier.

Use the United States Postal Service® and Cabrella's Parcel Insurance and ship almost anywhere!

Send high-value items worldwide, with elevated limits, up to $150,000 per package when using specific services to many countries.

Is the lack of international package insurance stopping you from doing business in some countries?

No more. Expand your business universe and safely ship all across the globe.