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International Shipping Insurance

Expand Globally Without the Risk

Shipping high-value products overseas or across borders is a risky proposition if you do not have or know about international shipping insurance. Cabrella insures to 182 countries, making international shipping easily accessible. Where common carriers will insure only a handful of countries, Cabrella insures where others won’t. We track your shipments, cover any losses, and provide you peace of mind.

Insure With Nearly Any Carrier

Cabrella’s API integration seamlessly integrates with nearly any carrier to insure and track shipments in real-time. From Fedex to USPS, Cabrella insures internationally at a fraction of the cost. Our innovative software gives you complete reporting on your package so you can be in the know about your shipments no matter where you are.


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Send High-Value Items Worldwide

Insures to 182 Countries

Use the Carrier of Your Choice

Supplement Your Insurance With Cabrella

Even if you are already using a carrier’s insurance, using Cabrella as a supplemental shipping insurance may be a wise investment. Global shipping coverage offered by companies such as Cabrella’s extends protection for events and causes of loss normally excluded on the typical insurance policy such as:

Natural disasters

Certain zip codes and delivery zones

Shipments made using non-approved carriers

Multiple shipments to the same address in any one day

Let Us Save You 90% in Shipping Insurance Costs

Is the lack of international shipping insurance stopping you from doing business in some countries?