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Better manage and control your shipping with customizable insurance plans, international shipping insurance, and cohesive, yet user-friendly intelligence software built for your industry.

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Shipping Jewelry Insurance

Save up to 90% in Insurance Costs, Choose Any Carrier to Ship With, No More Block Policy Limitations

Be in Control of Your Jewelry Shipments

Wondering how to ship jewelry safely? Cabrella offers a powerful new software that allows you to be in the know with all your shipments on your own private dashboard. That way, you are able to track packages, file paperless claims, and register packages for insurance all in one place.

With our revolutionary business intelligence, Cabrella can insure with nearly any carrier. Through a jeweler’s block policy, the Postal Service is often the required carrier. But what if your customer requests FedEx or UPS? With Cabrella, you can choose any of the major carriers, even regional carriers on approval.

International Shipping Jewelry Insurance

Most block policies only insure to the U.S. and Canada. But customers are no longer in your neighborhood; they can now be found halfway around the world. Cabrella’s shipping insurance makes international shipping easy by insuring over 180 countries.

Keep Your Shipments Safe in our Lock Box

Cabrella provides added protection and security for items of high value. Help prevent pilferage by placing your valuables inside one of our specially designed lock boxes.

Block Policy Limitations

When you file a claim with your jeweler’s block provider, your premium is bound to increase. So in the end, you are punished for a package that UPS, FedEx, or the Postal Service damaged or lost. A small loss can translate to loss of discounts for being “loss free” and loss of a No Claims Bonus on the policy.

At Cabrella, we don’t believe in being punished for something that’s not your fault. That's why if you use our supplemental shipping insurance, your jeweler's block premium will stay low and there’s no need to file a claim through them for a shiping loss.

How to ship jewelry and stay protected. Here's what Cabrella does differently:

We Insure Internationally to 182 Countries

We Allow More Than One Shipment to One Address in a Day

We Offer Coverage on All Levels of Shipping

We Offer Coverage up to $150,000 Per Package

Streamline & Save on Your Jewelery Shipping with Cabrella

Transit carriers ship a package from (a) to (b). Cabrella is here to manage the risk for everything in between. Streamline your process & ship with the experts. Why struggle with the fuss when you can leave the protection to the insurance professionals?

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