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Medical Logistics

Customizable Medical Logistics Solutions

Respiratory ventilators, anesthesia machines, and even smaller devices can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Shipping such devices without insurance is extremely risky for the seller and buyer alike. With incredibly sensitive products like these, there is always risk when it comes to shipping pharmaceuticals, from temperature sensitivity to theft.

Cabrella offers customized solutions for medical shipments to mitigate risks and insure with nearly any carrier.


International Medical & Pharmaceutical Shipping

Having a customized plan for medical device insurance will give you the peace of mind you need to send valuable devices and pharmaceuticals across the country or overseas with confidence. Cabrella covers much higher amounts than carriers, with a limit of $150,000. This may be a necessity if you are shipping an expensive medical device, a large quantity of medication, or otherwise valuable products. Plus, Cabrella provides international medical and pharmaceutical shipping to over 180 countries.


Medical Logistics

Higher Coverage Limits to Protect Your Most Valuable Medical Shipments

Few Restrictions on International Shipping

Easy Paperless Claim Filing With Fast Resolution

Intelligent Software

Cabrella’s innovative software uses business intelligence to allow you to choose any carrier to ship with and tracks packages in real time. From your private dashboard, you have access to all data concerning your medical shipments, notifications of high-risk zones, and file claims quickly and without all the paperwork of other carriers.


Sends automated notifications regarding region to region hazards.

Logs any transactions and invoices.

Provides real time package tracking.

Auto-populates claim forms.

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