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Music-Retail & Musical Instrument Shipping Insurance

Get a customized insurance plan designed specifically for music retailers and other music-related companies.


Save Up to 90% on Insurance Rates and Keep Peace-of-Mind

Utilize Huge Savings

Cabrella is an insurance brokerage meaning rather than reselling rates, we provide the best insurance rates for your music instruments and other music-related shipments.

Eliminate International Restrictions

Our insurance policies cover regions across the globe.  We also offer automated regional risk analysis to provide notifications of any potential hazards to our policy-holders, no cost added.

Integrate with Any Carrier

Seamlessly integrate our insurance policies and software with any carrier you are using for your shipments.

Still Unsure If You Need Shipping Insurance?

Read Cabrella's latest ebook detailing how to most effectively ship musical instruments and why our insurance policies are so beneficial for your company's bottom line and customers. Simply click the image above!

Bringing Music to Your Ears & Putting Money in Your Pockets.