Save Up to 90%: Shipping Insurance For Your Instruments

Musical Instruments Industries

Better manage and control your shipping with customizable insurance plans, international shipping insurance, and cohesive, yet user-friendly intelligence software built for your industry.

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Musical Instrument Shipping Insurance

Custom Insurance with High Coverage Limits
Discounted International Shipping
Real Time Updates on Your Shipments

Customizable Musical Instrument Shipping Insurance

Your airline or shipping company can often offer a certain amount of insurance coverage if your instrument is damaged or lost, but you must make sure that your instrument is insured for its full value before traveling with it or shipping it. Cabrella offers customizable instrument insurance for your shipments with high coverage limits so you never have to worry about your packages.

Software that Keeps Your Instruments Safe

Cabrella’s innovative API integration works with nearly any carrier to give you real time updates on all your musical instrument shipments, alerts you to any hazards or increased risk in certain locations, and allows you to file paperless claims online quickly. Let our software and instrument insurance give you a peace of mind

Shipping Musical Instruments Internationally

Do you ever receive visitors to your website from countries other than Canada, interested in buying your musical instruments? Expand globally easily with Cabrella international shipping solutions.

We insure to 182 countries at a fraction of the cost of common carrier’s insurance rates.

We provide discounted international shipping rates.

We have high coverage limits.

Streamline & Save on Your Musical Instruments Shipping with Cabrella

Transit carriers ship a package from (a) to (b). Cabrella is here to manage the risk for everything in between. Streamline your process & ship with the experts. Why struggle with the fuss when you can leave the protection to the insurance professionals?

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