How to File Shipping Insurance Claims:

  • Simply go to your Cabrella dashboard and click on "file a claim."
  • The online claims form will automatically populate 90% of the required information.
  • Once received, a claims representative will contact you within 24 hours to acknowledge receipt of claim and the next steps.
Cabrella shipping insurance claims

Practices and Policies:

  • Cabrella handles and adjusts shipping insurance claims under $1,000 in value internally. This assures a swift and easy payment process.
  • For claims above $1,000, we work with a local experienced adjuster who manages claims between $1,000 and $20,000.
  • The “extra set of eyes” during the decision-making process helps maintain a secure environment where these payments are speedy and stress-free.
  • Cabrella refers all claims over $20,000 to our London underwriters, who may or may not decide to investigate, depending on the case-by-case circumstances.
  • When investigations do occur, they are typically only in cases of ambiguity.

Our objective is settlement within 30 days, not to exceed 60 days, unless an investigation is ongoing. The shipper is responsible to contact the carrier to file the claim and receive reimbursement on the amount insured with the carrier as well as supply us with the invoice and any other documentation requested. Typically, delays are the result of incomplete files and missing documents. In other words, the faster you forward what we need, the faster you will be reimbursed.


Our API integrates seamlessly and allows you to utilize the easiest claim filing around, find out more below: