international shipping insurance api


Would you like to integrate Cabrella Shipping Insurance Software directly into your custom order management or shipping system? With our custom API, you can easily connect your shipping application to our insurance application. Set your system to transparently insure with us with few programming costs.

Our user-friendly API integration will benefit you in the following ways:

  • Assess risk through automated notifications regarding region to region hazards
  • Provide packaging instructions for high-value items
  • Monitor and track loss ratios associated with your account
  • Log any transactions and invoices
  • Provide latest import details
  • Auto-populate claim forms: minimal information will be required when filing claims

How It Works:

Once integrated, all manner of insurance transactions can be performed directly from your interface. This includes insuring shipments, voiding transactions, and managing transparently. The Cabrella Shipping Insurance systems operates behind the scenes within and as part of your application.


Our APIs allows the shipping insurance component to be easily embedded or interwoven throughout your shipping sites or other applications. Thus, you can ensure a smooth and integrated user experience, and relevant and up-to-date information for the user. The information is delivered wherever it can be useful to them, not just in those places where your team has had time to update the content.


The users of your website, shipping software, and any other application where shipping insurance is required will see only your interface, your logo, and your screens for the information and services that are most useful to them.