Multi-Carrier Shipping Insurance Software

With Cabrella Multi-Carrier Shipping Insurance Software you can review notifications of carrier exceptions, consistently monitor risk assessments across regions, and easily file claims in minutes.

But the preeminent feature is the wealth of useful statistics and data to provide the knowledge you can use to manage and improve shipping operations.

shipping intelligence and software


Cabrella Shipping Risk Management provides intelligence and alerts for specific geographic areas and ZIP® Codes where the risk of loss is elevated.

Use previous loss history to make informed decisions on where and how to ship goods into high risk areas.

Identify and analyze risks to develop strategies for determining best practices for shipping to certain addresses or zones.


Your personal dashboard gives you a real-time snapshot of packages that have been delivered and any exceptions that may have occurred.

Cabrella's multi-carrier shipping software also allows you to view insured packages by carrier, by insured value, date range, and essentially any other metric you might require gaining insight and business intelligence for the insuring process.

From your dashboard, you can open, track and close a claim, making sure you are paid quickly.