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Shipping Insurance for Sports Memorabilia

From signed jerseys and balls to valuable trading cards, keep your sports memorabilia safe with customizable insurance plans, international shipping insurance, and user-friendly software built for fans and dealers

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Keep Your Sports Memorabilia Shipments Safe

Don’t leave the safety of your sports memorabilia to chance. Instead, choose an insurance platform designed for high value commodities. At Cabrella, you can compare pricing on shipments to anywhere in the world and purchase additional coverage. We work with all the top carriers.

Our Benefits

White-Glove Service

  • Personalized support for tracking updates, package reroutes, address changes, etc. - you never have to call the carrier.
  • Pro-Active tracking - Our staff monitors all shipments and will contact you should any package have an issue.
  • Excellent service, response time, and open communication from a knowledgeable staff experienced with high-value commodities including coins, jewelry, watches, and more.


  • Side by side comparison of shipping & insurance costs between FedEx, UPS, USPS and DHL
  • USPS Registered Mail™ available
  • Print labels, return labels and manage all logistics from one site
  • Track packages across all carriers on one site
  • Branded email confirmation to customers
  • Automatic international export and ITN filing

Coverage & Claims

  • Up to $150,000 limit per parcel available
  • International coverage included
  • Internal claims adjustment without need to file a claim with carrier
  • Backed by A+ Admitted Carrier Navigators Insurance Company, subsidiary of The Hartford
  • File and track insurance claims across all carriers

Keep Your Sports Memorabilia Safe in our Lock Box

Cabrella provides added protection and security for items of high value. Keep your sports memorabilia safe by placing your most valuable pieces inside one of our specially designed lock boxes.

The Benefits of Shipping Sports Memorabilia With Cabrella:

We Insure Internationally to 182 Countries

We Allow More Than One Shipment to One Address in a Day

We Offer Coverage on All Levels of Shipping

We Offer Coverage up to $150,000 Per Package

Streamline & Save on Your Sports Memorabilia Shipping with Cabrella

Transit carriers ship a package from (a) to (b). Cabrella is here to manage the risk for everything in between. Streamline your process & ship your precious sports pieces with the experts. Why struggle with the fuss when you can leave the protection to the insurance professionals?

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