Technology Shipping Insurance

Technology Shipping Insurance


Our Insurance is as Unique as Your Shipments

Electronics equipment is some of the most expensive types of property shipped. Whether you’re shipping laptops, cameras, game consoles, or phones, there’s a lot that could happen between when you drop off your package for shipment and it’s delivery. That’s why Cabrella makes it our mission to provide the exact protection you need no matter what kind of electronics you are shipping. We offer features like coverage limits up to $150,000 and prices that are 90% less than the other guys. We personalize our coverage to meet your specific needs so your shipments are always safe.


Track, Ship, and Insure on the Go

Cabrella’s shipping software lets you manage all the carriers you use in one easy-to-use platform. You can ship, track, and insure packages easily on the go. Plus, Cabrella uses innovative business intelligence to give you real-time updates and notifications of high-risk zones. Filing claims is quick and easy with paperless filing.



Manage All Your Shipments In One Dashboard

High Coverage Limits

Paperless Claim FIling & Fast Resolution

Shipping Internationally? We Got You Covered

You no longer have to worry about your electronic shipment’s safety when traveling across borders. Cabrella insures to over 180 countries to make sure you’re package is safe at all times. Getting insurance through your carrier only protects you against damage caused directly by the carrier themselves. Cabrella makes sure you are covered on all fronts, including extreme weather conditions and theft.

We insure to 182 countries at a fraction of the cost of common carrier’s insurance rates.

We provide discounted international shipping rates.

We have high coverage limits.

Cabrella Can Save You up to 90% in Insurance Rates

See how much you can save by using Cabrella and get a quote today!