Cabrella is a third party shipping insurance software company that provides an alternative to insuring packages through UPS, United States Postal Service, Fed Ex, DHL, regional & local couriers. Third party shipping insurance companies typically always provide better rates than carriers, but because we are a brokerage company, we can customize parcel insurance plans to complement your shipping process. Ship domestically and internationally with equal protection. We have few international restrictions. Ship to almost any country, even the difficult to insure to.

Cabrella Shipping Insurance will lower your insurance costs, make the claims process fast and painless, integrate with your current shipping system, and provide a single point of contact for all your carrier shipments insurance.

Our goal is to make sure your packages are safe and to provide you coverage for when things go wrong.


Here are some ways we provide the fullest coverage & best shipping insurance possible:

Consolidating Parcel Details in your Dashboard

Providing Notifications of Deliveries, Failures, Hazards, and More

Supplying Helpful Packaging Instructions and Guidelines

Calculating Loss Ratios

90% Automated and Simplified Claim Filing

Fast Claim Processing

Seamless API across Multi-Carrier Systems

Flexibility and Customized Insurance Plans


Musical instrument distributor needed insurance to Russian Federation using USPS: Increased trading universe.


Signature Confirmation not required for insurance for jeweler: Saved more than $500 in fees per month.