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There is a lot that goes into shipping wine and alcohol internationally. State laws and regulations, climates in different regions, weight and size requirements, etc. Not only does Cabrella offer shipping insurance, but we also can integrate with your shipping system, simplifying things and notifying you of problems and necessary changes. Our software can make everyday wine shipping challenges a thing of the past.

Plus, with our innovative business intelligence, you can use nearly any carrier to ship with while still being insured by Cabrella.


Shipping Alcohol & Wine Internationally

Shipping wine internationally can be extremely challenging and risky due to both wine’s fragility, restrictiveness of international wine shipping and wine shipping laws. Let Cabrella make it easier by insuring your international wine shipments to nearly any country and with nearly any carrier. Plus, Cabrella offers extremely low rates and can save you up to 90% in shipping insurance costs.


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Customizable Shipping Insurance

Notifications for Shipping Laws and Regulations

International Coverage to 182 Countries

Save on Alcohol & Wine Insurance Costs

Shipping wine is not cheap. Around 20% of every dollar spent on wine online goes towards shipping costs. As a business owner, this means that if there is a problem with a shipment and you become responsible for reimbursing the customer or paying for a reshipment, you are significantly lowering your profits. That makes it even more imperative that you utilize a system like Cabrella that can significantly lower the chances of needing to reimburse your customers.

Save up to 90% in Insurance costs.

Use Cabrella insurance with nearly any carrier.

Get incredible rates on International shipping insurance.

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