Cabrella is more than great shipping insurance rates and one-of-a-kind parcel insurance to countries the common carriers won’t insure to. We provide the best shipping insurance software on the market supplying a wealth of business intelligence used in the shipping process.

Manage multi-carrier shipping systems easily and effectively. Track packages and receive notifications of shipment exceptions. Easily file a claim and track the claims process from your dashboard.


Cabrella offers customized parcel shipping insurance solutions tailored to your specific product, coverage, and shipping destination. We are not a “one size fits all” insurance provider. We’ll create a plan specifically for you at a rate you won’t find elsewhere.


Shipping and insurance costs are some of the biggest expenses for companies filling orders via common parcel shippers. Cabrella can help you optimize your shipping strategy. Parcel shipping insurance protection is a strong selling feature. Leverage that benefit everyday with insurance rates up to 90% less than UPS, FedEx, or the Postal Service.



Custom Solutions

We can customize shipment insurance plans to complement your shipping process and simplify multi-carrier systems. Ship domestically and internationally with equal protection.


International Flexibility

Expand your trading universe by selling and shipping to customers in countries you never had insured access to before.


Hard Cost Savings

Parcel Shipping Insurance rates 70 - 90% less than the common carriers are true cost savings. In addition, integrating shipping insurance provides the ability to process more packages in considerably less time than manual methods, reducing labor costs.


Logistics Data & Reporting

Know where your package is either domestically or internationally and if there are any exceptions in delivery. You’ll know when a package has been delayed or misdirected.


Automated Claims

Need to file a claim? Simply go to your personal Cabrella dashboard and click on "file a claim." Your status will be automatically updated throughout the claim's process, so you will always know the progress of your case.


Real Time Notifications

Receive real time alerts for every package and shipment. Know within minutes that your customer safely received their package or if there is an exception or misdirection.

Parcel Insurance Plans that Help

Cabrella Parcel Shipping Insurance Intelligence is the leading solution provider for small businesses. Listed in 2017-18 HOT COMPANIES, Cabrella package insurance takes pride in helping other businesses.
Cabrella online solution can cost up to 90% less than the cost of the common carriers including:
UPS, ™ Fed Ex, ™ USPS, ™ and DHL. ™

parcel insurance software

Become a Shipping Partner

Are you interested in developing a strategic partnership with Cabrella? We welcome inquiries and would be happy to identify synergies that could create mutually beneficial business opportunities.

As insurance brokers, we are happy to work with retail agents and managing general agencies to provide this coverage and program to clients and producers.


August 2017: Jewelry lost in route from Colorado to California: Value $49,900. Claim paid in less than 8 weeks.

August 2017: Electronics arrived at destination with damage in transit: Value: $1,200. Claim paid in 2 weeks.

July 2017: Jewelry shipped to residence. Evidence of package tampering and subsequent missing items: Value: $6,000. Claim paid is less than 4 weeks.

April 2017: Coin collection shipped in overnight package was opened and re-taped shut during transit. Recipient received package with several coins missing. Value: $4,000. Claim paid in less than 4 weeks.

November 2016: International package containing gold bullion in route from Mexico to Los Angeles, California disappears after clearing customs: Value $39,400. Claim paid in less than 8 weeks.


Let’s get started! Click on our 3-minute shipping survey, answer a few questions and we’ll send you a no-obligation rate quote right away. Or give us a call at 844-422-2735 tell us how you are shipping now and we’ll complete your free survey over the phone.  We offer some of the best shipping insurance rates on the market, seize the opportunity!