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What is Cabrella?

Cabrella is a shipping insurance software that lets users integrate to shipping systems and quickly insure and print labels for their shipments.

Before Cabrella, people had to rely on getting shipping insurance directly from the carrier, which usually meant restrictions, exclusions, and lots of headaches. 

Now, Cabrella can quickly give you your insurance rates and print your shipment label in a matter of minutes.

Intuitive Interface

Shop rates instantly and easily compare your options

Customer Service

Enjoy access to a dedicated customer service team that can answer your questions

Claims Management

Easily file claims without all the loopholes

Custom Programs

Design shipping insurance plans to complement your unique needs

Monthly Access


What Does My Monthly Fee Include?

  1. Access to deeply discounted insurance rates
  2. Access to much better coverage, underwriters, easier claims management, and more
  3. Access to risk management information to help you make safer shipping decisions.
  4. Access to discounted shipping rates to save money on freight costs
  5. Access to software to manage your shipments, orders, and business

*Fee will be treated as draw against insurance premium spend.

How Our Software Works

Option 1

Use our system to create labels and insure packages simultaneously. You can plug in your own carrier accounts or call Cabrella to see if you qualify to use our discounted accounts.

Access to all other technology is included.

We are best suited for small to medium size shippers.

Option 2

Generate labels outside of the Cabrella environment using your preferred platform and integrate through Cabrella to insure separately. We have various insurance options including:

  1. Enter packages as you see fit or upload reports on regular intervals using your dashboard or FTP Service.
  2. Integrate - We currently support integration to FedEx SM, UPS WS, Shippo, ShipStation, ShipEngine and others. Just ship on your system and we will collect the information for insurance processing automatically. Please inquire if you do not see your system listed.
  3. Custom - For custom connection, you can use the Cabrella API to obtain rates, insure packages and file claims.

Best suited for medium to large size businesses

Option 3

Custom Solutions –

If you are a technology provider, 3rd party warehouse, parcel audit company or other, we can create custom white labeled solutions and embed the Cabrella Insurance platform into your products for your customers to use.

Multi Carrier Shipping Software

Label Making Functionality

Clients can now generate shipping labels directly in the Cabrella portal and buy insurance all in one step. Ideal for small businesses that ship around 25 packages a day, we can save time and money for those employees who use to have to generate labels and track packages manually in the many shipper platforms — Cabrella is truly a one-stop-shop.


Cabrella is integrated with the following shippers. When you ship with one of them, add insurance to your packages in one simple step.

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What People Are Saying

Sarah R.

Business Owner

Great platform and a very helpful team. With Cabrella's platform, we've been able to provide our customers with a seamless experience and we know our packages are safe!

Nigel T.


On many occasions throughout the years, UPS has lost packages of significant value. As soon as we received the notice from UPS confirming that they had lost the package, we were able to easily file our loss online with Cabrella and receive reimbursement from them in under thirty days. The confidence in our reimbursement from Cabrella, allowed us to expedite our refund to the customer who the package was intended.